J.S. Onca

J.S. Onca produces music with a distinct mixture of sounds that pulls on everything from R&B to Prog to World Fusion.  He plays all of the instruments on his recordings, creating a sound that is his alone.

Finding purely Western music to be limiting, he needed more freedom, and a different type of expression. After years of searching for an instrument that suited him, he found a North Indian classical instrument called Sarod, and knew immediately where he was going. After studying Indian music for several years, he realized he was not interested in classical music in a pure sense. He wanted to create something more modern, but with roots in something older and deeper.

J.S. Onca's first release, EP I, reflected this side of him fused with his roots in jazz, rock, and funk music. But this was just a prototype. Now, as he finishes up his first full length release, he has come full circle with a sound that integrates everywhere he has been as a musician; creating a sound that is unique but familiar.

The first single, Baby Make Me, is out now on all major channels.

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